Dr Megandhren Govender
Megandren Govender

Teaching: Calculus, Statics and Dynamics to undergraduate engineering students.

Research: gravitational collapse of radiating stars, extended irreversible thermodynamics and black hole physics.

Popular Science: Dr G takes science and maths to the masses via his road shows: “So You Thought Einstein was a Genius”, “Riddles in my Soup Mug” and “The Flying Circus of Science”.

Quote:   “The level of stress one experiences is inversely proportional to the number of butterflies one counts on a daily basis.”
 Position:   Researcher and Senior Lecturer
Qualifications:   PhD
Telephone:   031 260 1587
Recent Publications:   S. Thirukkanesh, M Govender and D B Lortan, Spherically symmetric static matter configurations with vanishing radial pressure, IJMP-D, 24, 1550002 (2014 - online).

U. Papnoi, M. Govender and S G Ghosh, Thermodynamic structure of field equations near apparent horizon for radiating black holes, MPLA, 29, 1450188, (2014).

M Govender, K P Reddy and S D Maharaj, The Role of Shear in Dissipative Gravitational Collapse, IJMP-D, 23, 1450013 (2014).

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