Professor Sandile Motsa

Sandile Motsa


Prof. Motsa specializes in Computational and Applied Mathematics. His research interests are mainly in the application and development of analytical and numerical methods for solving complex differential equations and other mathematical model equations that arise in all areas of science and engineering.   

Position:   Associate Professor
  033 346 5627
Recent Publications:
  S.S.Motsa (2014)  A new spectral relaxation method for similarity variable nonlinear boundary layer flow systems, Chemical Engineering Communications, Volume  201, number 2, pp 241-256, DOI: 10.1080/00986445.2013.766882

S. S. Motsa (2014)  On an Interpolation Based Spectral Homotopy Analysis Method for PDE Based Unsteady Boundary Layer Flows,” Abstract and Applied Analysis, vol. 2014, Article ID 848170, 7 pages, 2014. doi:10.1155/2014/848170

 S.S. Motsa, P. Sibanda (2013), Some modifications of the quasilinearization method with higher-order convergence for solving nonlinear BVPs,  Numerical Algorithms,  Vol.63, page 399-417 

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