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Mathematics and Applied Mathematics Majors [M-stream]

We offer Mathematics and Applied Mathematics as a major or double major for the BSc degree. For students majoring in Mathematics or Applied Mathematics and another discipline, common choices for the second discipline are: Computer Science, Physics, Statistics, Physics or Economics.

In the first years, Mathematics and Applied Mathematics students do the same core modules (64 credits). Students are however encouraged to take other mathematics or applied mathematics modules as electives. For further details please consult the College handbook.

Astrophysics and Cosmology Major

The major in Astrophysics and Cosmology is offered on the Westville campus only.

Undergraduate Prospectus
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Prospective students with a major in applied mathematics or mathematics may apply for acceptance to the honours degree in applied mathematics or mathematics at either the Pietermaritzburg or Westville campuses.
Opportunities are available for study towards the postgraduate MSc and PhD degrees by research in the following areas:
  • Astrophysics & Cosmology (Westville campus)
  • Differential Geometry (Pietermaritzburg campus)
  • Fluid Dynamics (Pietermaritzburg campus)
  • Graph Theory and Combinatorics (Westville campus)
  • Group Theory and Computational Algebra (Westville campus)
  • Mathematical biology (Pietermaritzburg and Westville campuses)
  • Mathematics of Finance (Westville campus)
  • Numerical Analysis (Pietermaritzburg and Westville campuses)
  • Topology (Westville campus)
Applicants for admission to the MSc programme should possess an Honours degree in Mathematics/ Applied Mathematics or an equivalent qualification. The normal requirement for entry to the PhD is a relevant MSc degree. Applicants with insufficient background may be asked to attend Honours lectures on relevant topics.
South African students may seek funding from the National Research Foundation (NRF) - a limited amount of funding is also available to non-South Africans. Candidates requiring financial support should apply as early as possible.
Postgraduate Application Guide
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Postgraduate Application Form
College Handbook

The School offers a vibrant environment for postdoctoral research in all areas of applied mathematics and mathematics. To be accepted as a postdoctoral fellow you must possess a recent PhD in a relevant area with a good publication record and be self-motivated. Interested postdoctoral fellows must first discuss their proposal with a potential supervisor within the School.

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